The Monk and His Whore

The Monk and His Whore
the one that got away

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Next 1000 years

So I wanna know, have you seen "The Next 1000 Years"? Tell me when and where?
What the heck am I talking about? Well 10 years ago I was sitting in my hammock, in the Sierra foothills, looking at the stars and thinking how everyone was getting so crazy about that Y2K thing that never happened. And I thought... "Jeeze, people should think about what's gonna happen after instead. Where is this planet going? When will we revere Gaea?"  I thought about how the government officials at the time would have some meager solutions for problems that would take us 50 or 100 years into the future. That's just not enough, I thought... If we could make it 1000 years, then maybe by that time we, as a species, would be able to solve some of the real problems like what to do with nuclear waste that has a half life of say 100,000 years, and how to feed people, (should we all become vegetarian?)  As I was pondering, it occurred to me that many ancient civilizations in the past, such as China or India, did at one time make plans 1000 years into the future. So why not... is it too much to ask of the "greatest country in the world" (to use another's words and opinion of the good old, but really, not so very old USA). Then what... tune in to Terrie Rockwell, northern California artist, for next time!  What to leave behind?
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